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5K personal record - 21:15, Mississippi Mudd's 5K, 08/18/2007
Half marathon personal record - 1:43:34, Erie Half Marathon, 09/18/2011
NUMBER OF RACES (266)242315112925204036349
Veterans Day 5K22:11
WNY Running Hall of Fame 5K23:0923:4123:5323:12
Tops 5K22:2822:45
Lancaster Mile
Moonlight Run 5K23:3723:1723:3123:5921:4922:0628:2621:4321:2923:3826:12
Erie County Fair 5K23:29
Checkers AC Mueller Mile6:246:236:306:416:14
The RUT Race29:5229:4331:0427:0327:52
Jason Raby Memorial 5K23:2923:4922:21
GBTC 1 Mile Track Race6:34
Ronald McDonald House 5K25:0923:1523:3223:0322:4522:3821:4124:57
Greg Stang 5K XC27:07
St Amelia's Amazing Race 5K24:13
Blue Mile6:28
Hump Day Mile6:32
Bessel Independence Day Run15:5615:0814:44
Loughran’s Buffalo Alumni Cup Run 5K23:1623:3423:4623:0722:2821:4122:3723:2826:16
St. Gregory the Great “The Great Race” 5K22:4323:3424:3722:4021:1821:1823:5128:09
The Grace Race 5K23:1824:14
Lockport HS Foundation Memorial25:19
Beishline Memorial22:5624:11
Grand Island 10K49:59
UB Run for Smiles23:02
Feel the Spirit23:3823:1922:0222:0821:4122:49
Friends of the Night People Run Against Hunger24:1423:4921:4423:11
Iceman 2 miler14:50
Polar Bear 5K23:44
Lockport Y101:31:321:29:351:26:501:32:59
YMCA Turkey Trot38:4837:4336:4238:5240:1337:0938:4336:52
Michelle's Memorial23:36
Lindsay’s Legacy22:5427:3421:5722:3322:3721:4021:58
Breaking the Sound Barrier22:4023:0422:12
Run in the Country22:33
Brothers of Mercy 5K22:4221:55
Lebro’s Fall Classic22:3621:4521:2121:3922:3925:42
Wendelville Harvest Moon23:2623:2221:5823:26
Run for Row25:46
Williamsville Old Home Days24:1222:2622:2021:4124:26
Corporate Challenge29:5726:3128:0126:27
Bunny Hop25:3024:2824:0522:2222:3023:2023:20
Linda Yalem Safety Run24:5821:5722:0122:0521:5222:5826:47
Dash for Dads23:5722:1122:1322:34
Erie Half Marathon1:54:471:51:581:43:341:48:17
Depew-Lancaster Boys & Girls Club50:5053:0446:39
Buffalo Half Marathon1:59:531:54:18
Town of Tonawanda 25:0323:28
Reindeer Run23:0622:5323:0223:1622:43
Bob Ivory Run23:0621:4722:4521:2422:0822:11
Gateway-Longview Pumpkin Run22:4423:25
Chowder Challenge 5K22:14
Timon Fall Challenge21:57
Mississippi Mudd’s21:5824:1921:15
Mud Run31:53
Red Devil Run for Recovery24:10
Running Water 5K22:57
The Elephant Run (4 miles)31:1329:4929:2329:5228:51
Shamrock Run40:1939:3737:4642:0846:21
Healthy Strides 5K22:35
Run for Hope22:3022:3721:3123:34
Best of Eggertsville22:47
Run for the Rosa’s22:1022:1822:36
Dave's Dash22:13
Jamie LaBarbera Run for Education22:1021:3425:17
Chris Griswold Memorial22:4121:4221:5327:31
Louis Billittier Memorial22:1321:5422:23
Bengal Run22:4922:27
Snowball Run/Jingle Bell Run22:5423:11
Trottin’ with Jesus22:12
Sarkin Memorial Run21:29
ECMC Lifeline Foundation21:4822:4422:15
Laughlin’s Road Race21:5522:48
9/11 First Responders Memorial23:54
Bullfeathers (formerly Cozumel Grill) Nickel City22:3126:49
Race to Cure Childhood Cancer22:13
Runnin’ with Jesus21:52
Mental Health Run22:34
Fit for Fire22:1622:0624:01
Chillin’ with Jesus22:02
Canisius Chilly Challenge22:0923:46
Dash for the Dome23:2224:18
Penguin Run23:0124:17
Make Tracks for Families21:48
Run Into Buffalo1:26:21
Amherst Triple Crown1:05:261:10:571:23:37
Tops JDRF Run22:07
Take Back the Path22:25
River Run22:0925:05
Jog for the Jake22:07
Freedom Run22:2824:0428:07
Queen City Triple Crown1:09:35
Shoes for the Shelter23:2224:29
Charlene Page Memorial22:33
Brian Rybarczyk Memorial23:12
Niagara Fair Field Day22:54
Tommy’s Run24:56
Village Glen Resolution Run27:20

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