An untypical weekend

Who would have thunk but it’s still the beginning of January and already, I have gotten in 18 miles in 2 days. This would be more like a weekend’s work in the summer. The weather has just been so surreal (sunny, 40s, no snow) that we’re afraid we’re going to be hit by a monster storm to make up for all of the good stuff we have been getting.

Anyway, the 18 miles consisted of 8 on Saturday after dropping Steph’s car off for a software upgrade. And yes, you read that right…SOFTWARE UPGRADE. I am looking around for geeky types in plastic rim glasses but no these are still auto mechanics only their hands and uniforms are cleaner than the days of once in a blue moon. The 8 miles were through the roads of Clarence with a detour to Linda and Kingsley’s house and a “ok, we’re done” at a new joint called the Corner Bakery and Cafe on Transit Rd. across the street from Eastern Hills mall and Tri-Spot.

And yesterday, while thou hath rested with her trusted laptop and Facebook, 10 more miles on the hills of Lockport or better yet, the Lockport Y10 course where in the midst of our run, we found our newest mascot…

And last but not least, thanks to Coach Vicki I now have my very own custom marathon training plan as I get ready for #1…Buffalo at the end of May!