Favorite Yankees

Andy Pettitte and Paul O'Neill

Andy Pettitte and Paul O’Neill

The local pizza place, Riva’s, asked on Facebook for two guess of Yankee players they are thinking of from the past 30 years.  No brainer for me…AndyPettitte and Paul O’Neill, two of the grittiest, hardest playing Yankees around.  This is the only picture I could find with both of them together.

On another note, the Pumpkin Run was a lot of fun.  Took 5th in age group, 30th overall out of 300 plus runners on a gorgeous cool fall morning.  My time of 22:44 was the best of this year.  You know, if you don’t pressure yourself and just go out and have a good time, you probably will do!  Next up is the Bob Ivory at the end of this month but there is a chance I might do something before that.  I just haven’t decided yet.

Oh one more thing…I have decided that I am going to do the PAIN in the Alleganies again next year.  If you want a lowdown on the local triathlon scene, head over to the Score-This! website.  They have a great series going and if you look at the event calendar, you’ll see races they will be timing.

And yes…the Bills finally won a game.  They surely looked lovely in pink.  Maybe with that color they’ll have a fledgling chance!

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