I’ll work for free, Part 1

This is something that I would consider doing if I could find something that I truly enjoy doing. And of course, you’ll have to pay my, and my family’s, expenses. Part of that is driven by the fact that I am passionate about what I do. And the other part is because I am bored. Job searching is a job of its own. And the only tangible benefit is…getting a job.

I started out at a tender young age of 9 or 10, sweeping the warehouse of my father’s beer and soda distributorship for a bottle of Yoo Hoo. And I got to play in the cab of the abandoned Brockway truck my dad kept in the lot. That was only when the gold and white GMC 4000s of Marko Beer Distributor were out on the road. In those days, beer and soda was a home delivery service.

From there, I delivered the Albany Knickerbocker News out of my “Aunt” Mildred’s garage. “Aunt” Mildred was a family friend who graciously let me store and folder the newspapers in her garage. And boy, she was famous for her charoset and sweet brisket at Passover. I made a little more than a couple of bucks a week.

Then I “graduated” to big man work…as a laborer/gardener at Jeffer’s Nursery. I don’t remember how much I made there but that was dirty work on top of the seven miles of country roads each way, on my Schwinn Traveler bike. And it was enough to pay for all the work and trimming out I did on the car mom handed down to me…a 1963 Chrysler Newport which I totaled by crashing, at 45 mph, in the back of someone making a left turn while trying to impress the heck out of some chick with my driving skills.

And then off to college I went. While attending Pace University, I decided I need some serious money because mom wasn’t gonna give it to me. So, I got a job as a warehouse traffic manager/truck driver for Scott Laboratories. That job didn’t last too long as mom proclaimed “I didn’t spend $40,000 to send to you to college to become a truck driver!!”.

Ok folks…time for dinner. I’ll continue with Part 2 tomorrow. In the meanwhile, if you are interested in knowing more about my skills and how your organization or client can benefit, please check out my resume.

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