It has been a while…

I haven’t forgot about my website. I have been busy doing…nothing.

Saturday was the first race of the season for me – the Shamrock Run. Did it in 40:19 which averages out to an 8:06 per mile pace. That isn’t too shabby considering I have only ran outside three times this year.

Most people will accuse me of sandbagging so that I can place in a lower group for the Checkers Grand Prix. Truth is, I am getting old. Well, we all are! At least there is a whole season ahead of me and pity my poor knees but I do plan on a couple of half-marathons and maybe a full or two. One of them won’t be Buffalo…drats! We have my cousin’s wedding that weekend.

My ears have been playing very nicely now. At my last mapping, I scored 61% for the HINT test. That isn’t too bad considering a year ago, it was around 37%. Now if only will the FDA get out of its wheelchair and approve ClearVoice so that my poor brain doesn’t have to work overtime filtering out unwanted noise (Steph is exempted).

I am also looking forward to some warmer weather so I can enjoy the fruits of my labor (or dreams) of getting the Western NY BEA chapter off the ground. I seriously need for other AB CIers and candidates to come out of the ear canal and contact me.

Time to get off the podium…work calls! More later….

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