NASCAR sucks!

NASCAR adds Jeff Gordon to Chase.  Does it matter?  Yup…read on…

Now this reeks of favoritism and dictatorship since one person, Brian France, claims to have the authority to bend the rules. Deals are made before, during and after races. Its the nature of the game, fair or not! Want to level the playing field? Turn off all radios when there is “10 laps to go!” and put the decision-making where it belongs…inside the car!

NASCAR is not the sport it once was, not the sport his father intended it to be and has become a victim of its own success and corporate interests (remember CART?). Only the well funded have a chance.  The single and two car teams have a fledgling chance but are the reason the sport continues to exist today.  They are the ones who make races more exciting than the boring monotony of Hendricks, Roush-Fenway, Gibbs, Waltrip….this and that and there.  To say the least….it sucks!

So who am I going with this time?  Kurt Busch…the ultimate underdog who drives for a single car team, woefully underfunded yet the perfect example of team chemistry works.

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