Random thoughts

It’s a nice quiet morning. I am thinking about alot of things. The one thing on the front of my mind was a phone conversation my family had Thanksgiving Day. It was a call to my family celebrating the holiday at my niece’s house in White Plains. I was the only one who did not participate in the conversation. No, I wasn’t being rude or disrespectful or ignorant. That is just the way my hearing is…and has been for the past 50 plus years.

You see, what goes in my ears is nothing but noise being amplified by a hearing aid. The nerves in my ears are damaged to the point that nothing ever gets to brain in an “intelligent” way. There is no discrimination as to what is purely noise and what is what you hear.

I hate to admit but I am excited about my upcoming cochlear implant surgery. No guarantees, no promises but I so very curious as to how all you normal people actually hear! I am looking forward to that very day where I don’t have to rely on someone to help me with the phone. I cannot wait for that one moment when I can take down the “Please make sure you have my attention…” sign in my cubicle. I can hardly wait for that moment when I DON’T have to tell the boys stop mumbling, to speak up and quit mincing the words.

Yes…its a nice quiet morning. Too quiet…..

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