The family room project…the mess!

As we come down the home stretch, its very important to know that there is the huge mess. Seriously, as much as you would think we could do it in a half hour like those home improvement tv shows, do you think the displaced stuff magically disappears? No….and you’ve only seen half the story of stuff piled up in the living room in the last post. Here is the rest…plus some added bonuses…..

View from the basement including the new Dan's man-cave. Notice the old couch and tv got a new life rather than be banished to couch and tv heaven.

Better uses for a ping pong table...all the junk from the family room.

Mike is moving into an apartment with his truly and decided his bedroom AKA mommy and daddy's house is safer than a department layaway bin.

More useless junk...well, its Mike's money so I can't complain!

See the boxes piled up neatly in front of the bike? Mike's! See the bedboard on my old barcolounger? Mike's!

And now for a couple of teaser shots…

A closeup shot of the new carpet

It pays to keep a few AB CI brochures around. The carpet installer was absolutely fascinated by my CIs and wanted to know how they work. So, I gave him these

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  1. Dottie Shows
    August 1, 2010 at 1:57 am

    I’m loving this 🙂

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