The selling of Sam Spritzer

I have been looking for a job for a couple of months now.  It hasn’t been easy for a number of reasons with the biggest one being the economy.  They say we are/were in a jobless recovery.  Whatever that means, there still has to be an opportunity or two for me.  The ones that are posted seem attractive but are they really there?  Will they ever be filled?  Some of them are in a repetitive cycle where whoever posted them, didn’t bother to take them down.   Others are just simply filling up some “applicant tracking” database. but who is tracking them?  It’s not fair but it is what it is.

I also think my hearing has a lot to do with it.  I am sorry if I have difficulty using the phone but should that be a barrier?  I am not looking for a job that requires the constant use of the phone.  I am looking for a little understanding that when you reach out to me, the best way to communicate is by email.  There are other options – instant messenger and webcam are two.  Or, my wife can help me by doing her best Milli Vanill imitation.  Heck, I am even willing to drive however far it takes just for that introductory interview that is normally done by phone.

I can do a lot of things well.  I am a hard worker, dedicated, committed to excellence and I pay attention to detail.  I strive to do the best job possible.  I function equally well in a team setting or independently.  I don’t punch nor do I watch a clock.  Whatever it takes to get the job done, on time, under budget and satisfactorily is a  “feel good” enough of an incentive to me.

Ok, what am I looking for? My primary objective is to secure a Programmer Analyst position with emphasis in report development and data analysis. My secondary objective is to return to my original roots as a Financial Manager for a not-for-profit organization. And, to give you a little background, my career has spanned two disciplines – Information Technology and Accounting.

If you are convinced, have an opportunity or know of someone who does, here are links to my resumes (will open in a new window). My email address is on them or please contact me using the Contact page. Thank you.

  • Resume of Sam Spritzer – IT centric
  • Resume of Sam Spritzer – Accounting centric
  • Resume of Sam Spritzer – Accounting Addendum (pre 1997)

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