A brand new looking web site

It’s not so brand new but the cosmetics are. I have been wanting to dabble with some magazine formats for a while just so that I can get more stories in a single view.

Many of you know me as a person of very simple means. Just get me from point A to point B in as few words possible in the least amount of time. So far, this one seems to be the easiest to maintain and the cleanest one. And, it doesn’t have too many useless features where I have to page through a manual as thick as War and Peace.

I hope you like it and don’t be shy to offer any constructive (and not so constructive) criticism. And if you have any topics of interest that you would like me to broach, I am all eyes!

2 comments for “A brand new looking web site

  1. Matthew Poeller
    June 9, 2011 at 10:00 am

    I like the way this looks Sam. How do you like wordpress? I installed joomla on my server but I have not had time to do anything with it but it seems to be not as easy as I was hoping it would be.

  2. Sam Spritzer
    June 9, 2011 at 10:04 am

    Hi Matt…thanks for stopping by. WordPress is great for blogging. Keep in mind there are two versions…hosted and your own. The latter is where you install a copy of WordPress on your host server and use that. There are a lot more features and freedom with that over the hosted option. My picture site is an example of the hosted version.
    I dabbled with some of the open source stuff and to be honest with you, these are just more toys I don’t need. WordPress gives me everything I need to start. With a little coding background and php, you can extend its functionality. And the learning curve is a lot faster too.

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