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I read one of the most “from the heart”, make men cry, inspiring post you could ever come across. This is about Jennifer, a fellow CIer, of Surround Stereo. Jen and I met on Laurie’s blog, Laurie’s Dance with Sound over 2 years ago.

What Jen has done, no one has ever. She had been struggling for a good two years trying to get her left ear to work. She even underwent the knife a second time in August 2008 to reimplant that ear. The problem she was having was instead of hearing sound, she was feeling it. I can’t imagine that instead of tones and pitches one feels an electric razor inside their head.

For those of you who hear normally, wearing a CI is not a total miracle cure for deafness. It is all about hope along with the 3P’s – Persistence, Perseverance and Patience. For others, they add a 4th P – Prayer. What Jen did was she had hopes, she persisted, she persevered and she had patience. And being the deeply religious woman she is, she prayed.

Jen proved that even though CIs can make us bionic and give us a strength many others don’t have, there is still the human element to consider. Medical technology can throw the whole nine yards at us but just like my heart attack three weeks ago, we learned that we are still merely mortals.

Click here to read that post and make sure you have plenty of tissues handy.

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  1. July 18, 2009 at 8:06 am

    Jennifer made me cry with this post….and because of her experience, she will be a great mentor for others. She has grown and changed so much in other ways because of this experience…for the better!

    Thanks for posting this! Yes, PRAYER is the 4th P….don’t start your day without it!

    Hugs, Laurie

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