Day 2…

Some workouts are made to be “noted”….



The penciled parts is my progress.  The upper right hand corner are those 8 sets of 1 minute pickups starting at 7.5 mph / 8:00 minute pace for 4 and then increase from 7.6 mph / 7:54 minute pace to 7.9 mph / 7:36 minute pace, for the remaining 4.  At the end of that set, I had already done 4.44 miles in 46 minutes.

The sets weren’t at all that hard but they are designed to get your body into speed mode so that I don’t fall into a comfort zone that is too slow.  Basically, we’re building up the pace so that the goal of a 3:50 marathon is achievable.  Although the ultimate goal is 3:40 which is what I need to qualify for the Boston Marathon, we’ll see how I feel halfway…in about 9 weeks whether that will be possible and adjust accordingly.

On another note, I signed up for the Lockport Y-10 where not even the most gruesome of winter weather can stop us diehards!

Sentiment of the day……“Dream BIG!”

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