Day 4 – New mappings

Right now, I am listening to Ahmad Jamal, the great jazz pianist. Thank god for CD’s. I don’t have to worry about wearing tapes, needles or vinyl out!

Today is the first day of new mappings. Basically, one is a slightly louder version of the one I liked from the original two mappings, the second one is much louder version of the first and the third is designed to filter out background noise. For most of the day, I was on the second one. I was able to hear voices better even though I don’t understand them. I did notice that husky male voices lacked highs or clarity. For example, B and P sounded alike but if you say P, it seems to have a little more of a high than B. So that was noted.

I was also able to hear laughter 30 feet away. And here is an interesting phenomenal. A lot of people in my office like to listen to iPods. Now I know why!! Its because there is so much background noise – conversations among people since the office is one big open area, the shredder, copier, planes flying overhead (the office is directly in the path of the airport approach) and cheap keyboards clicking. Meanwhile, I am soaking all that in which doesn’t really bother me since it helps me with how to focus on what I want to hear and what I don’t. And more importantly, I find myself being able to carry a conversation without straining or asking people to repeat themselves. It’s almost like lip-reading got easier.

Anyway, on the home front…tomorrow Mike is taking the LSATs as he embarks on the first step towards becoming a lawyer. We are so very proud of him and wish him the best. Dan and I will probably go to the auto show and the missus….well, she got the clearance to resume running from a stress fracture and her first goal…..make me her first dead rabbit of the season . So, y’all have a great weekend and looking forward to more adventures with my cochlear implant.

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  1. February 11, 2007 at 4:21 am

    Sam I’m so happy to read this! I made it a point to see how you’ve been doing (just came back from the UK) and I can see so much reflection in what I went through in what you’re describing. I really am happy for you – and from experience, it will only get better 🙂

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