I am back!

My line at last weekend’s Chilly Challenge…
73. Sam Spritzer 0:22:09 0:07:08 3/MOver 200 66/M

The Over 200 is a special class for those over 200 pounds called the Clydesdale. Honestly, I don’t think I am going to stay in that class long since the only way to FAST is carrying less weight. Nonetheless, I am ahead of where I should be at this time of the year, knocking a minute off of my time from last week as well as a minute from my best time for this race. Now the season looks really promising.

Anyway, the Chilly is a great race with an excellent post-race party that includes, you name it…chili. The was typical Buffalo cold but sunny. The course is generally flat until you get to the last quarter mile. That is where you meet “Delaware Hill” the part of Delaware Ave. starting at Gates Circle and heading uphill. Being at the end of the race, this is where you separate the men from the boys, the women from the girls. I made it up and felt so good, I had plenty to spare for the final sprint to the finish line.


This coming weekends’ race…the 30th annual running of the Shamrock Run. This is the 8k (4.97 mile) race through the part of Buffalo known as the Old First Ward, a very old Irish neighborhood. The weather right now says “snow” but believe me, with part of the course running along Lake Erie, I’ll take a ton of snow over wind, any day!

On the CI front, the left ear continues to absorb new sounds every day. Nothing really new has been happening but I do need to practice since the majority of the day is spent sitting in from of the computer terminal WORKING, as opposed to TALKING (aka water cooler chat). Someone even suggested I go to church and listen to sermons. I think I am going to be sorry I said that since my mother will probably email me and encourage me to go to temple.

Ok…time to click the Publish button. Next on the list…get started on that video!

2 comments for “I am back!

  1. Loreene
    February 29, 2008 at 6:39 pm

    Hi Sam,

    I can relate as I’m software engineer and work all day in front of computers.

    I’m not keen on hearing PCs hum loudly so what I’ve been doing lately is listening to my iPod via direct audio connect for my left ear only. I wear a hearing aid in my right ear so I know if my telephone’s ringing or can carry a conversation with someone if they pop into my office (which is like 2-3 times a week).

    Good luck with your practicing!

    Lori (from HJ)

  2. March 1, 2008 at 11:38 am

    I liked Lori’s idea about the iPod…download you some music a book on tape on there and just let it play quietly. I’m sure you don’t need any distractions at work, but you wouldn’t have to really listen to it…just let your brain work.
    And church is where I get some of my very best practice…so I like that idea. You oughta give it a shot 🙂
    Have fun with your race this weekend! 🙂

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