It was the right call

Just as predicted yesterday, they cancelled the marathon.  I would love to take credit since the call was made around the same time I posted the story.  I know some people would call me a loud mouth arrogant SOB but at least Mayor Bloomberg listened to my voice of reasoning.  It was the right call when you consider all of the devastation and need for resources.

We don’t know what will happen with all of the registration fees but if it were mine, I’ll say give it to the Red Cross.  $255 is a big chunk of money but I was going to lose it anyway by the way of Steph’s deferment.  I much rather see it go to a worthy and needy cause than sit in a bank account of some running club that I am not a member of.  Even one of my friends went right back to the expo and returned everything for a refund.

The decision to cancel should have been made Tuesday.  The logic that the marathon would have lift the spirits of people and bring them together just like the one after 9/11 simply won’t work here…it never would have.  The timing of 4 days is not the same as 2 months.  The geographic footprint is way bigger than Ground Zero.  And then there is the need for resources and equipment.  The CEO of the NYRR looked visibly uncomfortable with the decision when she was interviewed on tv.  I couldn’t fathom how she was going to coordinate changing at least half of the plan within 4 days.  It would have been an insurmountable if not impossible task.

There are plenty of marathons coming up so the training won’t be for naught.  Some are heading to Hamilton Sunday, others are going to Harrisburg next week.  One person had a great idea and is organizing a “marathon” of 14 1/2 laps around the Delaware Park ring road.  Others will stay for the weekend and help with the relief efforts  Folks like me will spend time with family and continue to offer prayers and thanks.

NYC will once again rise from the ashes of Superstorm Sandy just like it did post-9/11.  There won’t be any guilty feelings and the lingering effects of a bad decision will become a distant memory.  The NYC marathon will go on next year, baring anything unforeseen.

And life goes on.

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