June 1st mentoring experience

This is a continuing of the ongoing email exchange between myself and a CI candidate…and now a message from our sponsor….(canned Sesame St. music in the background)….

Buffalo Rochester BEA Social

When: Saturday, June 6, 2009, 11am-1pm
Where: Darien Lake State Park, Shelter #2, 10289 Harlow Rd, Darien Center, NY 14040
Directions: http://nysparks.state.ny.us/parks/info.asp?parkID=63

RSVP to Katie Peter at kpeter@advancedbionics.com or 877 335 0899
Please do be sure to bring a picnic lunch. Drinks and desserts will be provided!

And now for the continuation of the mentoring experience….


    Dear Sam…thanks for all the e-mails…I am very happy that each of the people I have conversed with are truly very happy with the implant they choose…(name removed to protect the innocent) sings high praises of the Cochlear brand…I have conversed with a fellow who has the Med-el and insists it is the best and now you…so (name removed to protect the innocent) (name removed to protect the innocent) wife pointed out to me that all 3 are good and that I shouldn’t stress over which one to go with…is the Harmony MRI Compatable??? I know 1 company isn’t….I do like many of the things you reported about your implant….do the voices sound natural or do they all sound very momotone?? can you distinguish a male from a female voice?? this is all so new to me…thanks again (name removed to protect the innocent)


Hello (name removed to protect the innocent),
The Harmony is FDA approved for MRI at .3 and 1.5 Tesla with the magnet removed. Cochlear America’s device has a similar clearance and the Med-El device is only FDA approved for MRI at .3 Tesla with the magnet. Most MRI machines scan at 1.5 Tesla.

I can tell you that the voices sound as natural as I can perceive them and when compared to a hearing aid which I have worn all my life, they sound so much better, clear, richer and deeper. And because I am bi-lateral, I can localize the sound meaning I can tell where it’s coming from. Because of the t-mic, Advanced Bionic’s CI makes it even easier to determine where sound is coming from because it takes advantage of natural hearing, sitting right in the bowl of the ear.

I can tell you that I can distinguish between a male and a female voice because with my CIs, my hearing consists of the full sound spectrum. With my hearing aid, I only heard one tone and couldn’t tell if it was a male or female. The other thing to consider…because the Advanced Bionic program can process up to 83,000 pieces of information per second (I apologize but in an earlier email, I said 81,000) it has that much more capability of fine tuning to truly distinguish a female voice from a male voice.

(name removed to protect the innocent), please do keep the questions coming! This is what I love doing the most….giving back what I received and sharing the most wonderful sense a human being can enjoy…hearing. Have you gotten a chance to check out Hearing Journey? (www.hearingjourney.com).

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