Results of a mentoring experience

I was at an after track BBQ at a friends house when I received a text on my Blackberry from Evelyn. Evelyn is a fellow mentor and a good friend who I’ve had the opportunity of meeting at the BEA mentor training weekend and the HLAA convention. She is the sweetest person you could ever meet. Together, we mentored this one person and received the email, below.


    To my dear friends, Evelyn and Sam,

    Again I must apologize for not keeping in touch. It has been a a very emotional expereince since I was activated on June 11th and then the 12th. I cried that first day as I couldn’t believe I was hearing my audie speak through my CI.

    I was always thinking of you both and forgive this one email to you both. It is going to take time for me to catch up with my emails as I must practice and listen to speech but I couldn’t have arrived at this point if it was not for both of you. I do not know how to work the computer that well so I hesitate trying something new on computer.

    Each time I have seen the audie (3x) she inserts new programs. Between keeping the processor on my ear and switching programs to see which I like best I thought I’d go nuts. My audie suggested wig-toupe tape to keep the processor on my ear as I have very small ears and if I have to change volume or program I had to take processor off- hopefully in time this won’t be a problem. Sam I do not know how you can run with the processor on your ears and keep it there.

    Happy to say today was a very good day- the processor “behaved” and stayed on my head (smiles) and I didn’t have to change programs- I have a brand new program that I didn’t realize I had on and said “oh the first program in processor is so good- and it turned out to be the third program audie inserted and said I should try. I’m so eager to put on processor in am that I didn’t look at the program I was using. So maybe I will be able to keep this program and it will be my everyday one. I know as I’ve heard this is an ongoing process and it changes as the brain adjusts. I had so many doubts as to if the CI would work as I do not know if I told you both that after I had my first son I had post-partem depression and shock treatments. My surgeon Dr. (name removed to protect the innocent) said it would not affect my ability to hear but the worrier that I am I had my doubts. As they say this is a brain thing. It works and I’m crying now, knowing that I’m hearing not perfect but 100% better than I did with the hearing aids.

    When I was being activated they had a young woman who was training to be an audie and the next time they had a fellow doing research- all of them were amazed that I was doing so well- I only hope it continues in that direction. I was asked by (name removed to protect the innocent) (he is doing the research) if I would partake in this reasearch for CI and I said yes- because if I can help another humana being so I will. It is at another hospital in NY. (Bellevue hospital)

    G-d Bless the two of you for helping me achieve what I have in the journey to hearing – It is never to late to be able to hear.

    With love and thanks,
    (Name removed to protect the innocent)


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  1. Evelyn Gardner
    June 24, 2009 at 10:24 am

    Thanks for posting that Sam. We don’t always know the impact we have on someone else’s life. Hearing loss is like turning someone’s life upside down. I am glad you and I could team up and encourage our friend together. Getting her email was a reminder of how important it is to help those suffering from hearing loss. I remember forgetting what normal enviromental sounds and voices were like. Once I heard them with my CI’s I was amazed at how much I missed them. We are sort of like Batman and Robin, but in our case we will be Batman and Robinette!

  2. July 1, 2009 at 7:42 pm

    A wonderful post…..made me cry all over again because we all know what the letter writer is going through! Thank you, Sam & Evelyn, for “paying it forward” and making a difference!

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