Spritzer Bedroom Renovations – a lousy paint job

In my last post, I mentioned that the living room, hallway and my office were done by outside “professional painters”.  Steph found them while watching the local news.  She figured if they were good enough to appear on tv, that had to be good enough to hire them.  They quoted her a “home show” special pricing.  Even though it was reasonable, it turned out to be a case of you get what you pay for.  And, I wasn’t too happy with some of their efforts….missed spots, overlaps, shadows and one particular spot that was too obvious and conspicuous.

This is coming down the stairs. Obviously a very poor patch job. And the patch probably wasn't completely dry when they rolled over it. They had to come back a second time to fix it. Obviously, they didn't make it any better than the original job

This is after I sent the previous photo to the owner. He came back which would be a third visit. Instead of rolling over it, he brush stroked it. The patch job did look better but the texture difference was just too obvious.

And to add insult, I removed the railing to refinish it and look at what I found!

So in order to accentuate the obvious imperfections, *I* re-rolled the wall. And then, *I* went over those imperfections with spackle.


Then, instead of brush stroking the spackled spots, *I* poked them with the brush.


And finally, after letting it all dry *I* re-rolled the wall one more time.

And now, this is how it looks coming down the stairs.

As you can see, it doesn’t have to take a professional painter to do a professional job.  The entire re-patch and re-paint job took roughly the same amount of time the original effort took.  So if you are in the Western NY area looking for a painter, feel free to contact me to find out who the “pros” were so you can avoid them.

Next up, the third bedroom.  I sometimes surprise myself with the efforts I put into any renovation or handyman job.  So, you’ll get to see some of the more minute details of the work in that third room.  Once again, stay tuned……

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  1. April 24, 2012 at 11:51 pm

    As a perfectionist, pretty decent painter, and person who is frustrated by most hired help, I empathize with your situation and your outcome! If you want it done right, you unfortunately will most likely have to do it yourself. 🙂 Great progress on all the renovations!

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