Spritzer Bedroom Renovations – taking a break

Steph was just complaining way too much about the sorry state of the lawn mower.  It was really getting hard to start, the power drive died a few years ago and it was beginning to make this awful grinding chunking noise.  I wasn’t really planning on replacing it yet.  The unusually warm spring gave us an early growth of grass so during the course of my many runs to the hardware store, I had a Red Ryder moment.

Bringing Red Rosie home......

Introducing Red Rosie...the son of Red Rita, the grandson of Red Rhea. How do you like those big tires in the back!?

Beverage of the champs....Flying Bison Brewery Blizzard Bock. My reward from Steph for all the hard work and Red Rosie!

Ok…back to work….

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