Spritzer Bedroom Renovations

With our son’s wedding coming up at the end of June coupled with the fact that we hadn’t done anything to bedrooms since moving in back in 1996, we decided it was a good opportunity to all three bedrooms.  Given that Sam had a broken foot from the St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl, it was something that would keep him busy without miss the run, swim and bike training.

We have three bedrooms upstairs.  The third bedroom being Mike’s old room was not too guest friendly so that was one objective and reason to do it.  The cat was another reason.  We cannot tell you what cat pee smells like but that was the main reason we decided to rip out the carpets.  What we didn’t realize was we were hiding beautiful wood floors.

When we moved in, the floors were all marred and covered in paint.  Our reaction was to put down carpeting.  We never for a moment thought about the beauty that they could be if we only knew what to do with them.  And so over the years, Miss Moosie decided to was too long a walk down 2 flights of stairs to her toilet, the litter box especially in the middle of the night.  That and teenaged kids who couldn’t care less took its toil on the carpet.

In this episode of the Spritzer Bedroom Renovations, we are showing the efforts starting with the second room, the master bedroom.  The pictures were taken at the point where we had just finished the walls and trim.  Over the next couple of posts, we will be showing the renovations of the third bedroom in more detail.  So, you could consider this a trailer of what is to come.  Click on the picture if you wish to see an enlarged version.


Steph wasn't too happy about being crammed into the guest room...for 2 weeks. Notice her laptop on the bed open to....FACEBOOK!

This is the master bedroom during the floor refinishing phase. It was done with a Ryobi orbital sander attached to a power vac to catch the dust.

Another view of the master bedroom during the floor refinishing phase.

The lower right corner of the picture is before with the rest after. The previous owners weren't too neat when they painted.

The man and his tools...broken foot and all.

Three coats of oil based polyurethane later.

Part of the reason for using a hand sander as opposed to a machine. We wanted to preserve the lifetime character of the floor such as the long scratch on the left side.

The imperfections up close.

And this concludes part 1 of the Spritzer Bedroom Renovations project.  We hope you enjoyed the show.  Please do check back over the next few days as we unleash the rest of the series in more detail.

2 comments for “Spritzer Bedroom Renovations

  1. Eric
    April 15, 2012 at 7:37 pm

    Very nice job Sam !

  2. Evelyn Gardner
    April 15, 2012 at 9:57 pm

    What a great job you did! it sure was a lot of work but I know you made Stephanie very happy with the end results. Your a good guy…..now can you come work at my house?

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