T -0…4 hours to go

Ok, this is it. All set. All ready. No turning back. Its now or never! The worse part is….I can’t have a %^^&$@#$$#@! cup of coffee. Imagine if I had to wait until 11:30. Thank goodness for spell checking.

Anyway, Steph said it had to be the following picture. I’ll start up a Flickr account over the weekend to make it easier to manage pictures here especially since there are several WordPress plug-ins for that purpose. So check back later for the whole she-bang including post-op.


The dude on the left is Alan, the master hair stylist and sometimes buzz stylist, at Serge for Hair, 5350 Main St., Williamsville, 716-633-2115. He doesn’t have a website but trust me, the family has been going to him and Lori, his trusted sidekick, ever since we moved to Buffalo in 1994.

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