T -15…I am not getting any younger

Today, Steph received a phone call from Buffalo Hearing and Speech. There is a possibility of my getting the newest model from Advanced Bionics called the Harmony. This is a more advanced version than the current model and even the audiologist at Buffalo Hearing and Speech was excited about it.

The only catch is there is no official release date other than “sometime before the end of the first quarter ’07”. In the meanwhile, my first three stimulation (also known as mapping session) appointments are February 6th at 9:00AM, February 8th at 3:00PM, and February 22nd at 3:00PM. This is subject to change depending on the availability of the Harmony. If I have to wait a couple of weeks, I am sure it will be well worth it.

In the meanwhile, more and more people are asking me if I am “excited”, “ready”, “looking forward to the surgery”. Obviously, the answer is yes and without hesitation. The fact of the matter is my hearing is not getting any better and will not get any better with the hearing aid I wear today. I have simply maxed out the benefit of a hearing aid. If I try to squeeze any more power out of it, my reward is nothing more than a high pitch squeal called feedback.

It also dawned on me that when I watch tv or listen to music, I have to crank up the volume. And that isn’t too comfortable for others who may be doing the same thing. So, I don’t even bother to wear my hearing aid when at home anymore. What is the point of listening to what would be considered a whisper or muffled voices and music. If I have to carry on a conversation, I am pretty well adapt at reading lips. Lip reading has serve me well all these years.

And I am not getting any younger.

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