Thank you Town of Amherst!

On Saturday, I went for a long run. I decided to head from home to the Amherst Bike Path. This took me down North Forest between Sheridan Dr. and Maple Rd. At one point, there is part of a sidewalk that is being uprooted by a tree.

This part of the sidewalk has to be at least a foot high. As I had already gone over 2 miles at that point, I was in cruise mode. The entire way up to that point was pretty much flat and with minimal ground obstacles. So, when you’re a kind of gliding along step no high than 6 inches, it really doesn’t take much for something like this to trip you up.

Well of course, my pride was hurt. I got a few scraps and bruises. Tore my gloves but thankfully the $200 running outfit Steph and the boys bought went unscathed. After finishing the 14 mile run, I dashed off an email to the Town of Amherst along with a google maps link that shows the part of the sidewalk sticking up.

I honestly never thought I would hear from them but yo and behold, I received an email from the Supervisor’s office noting my complaint and that a code enforcement officer will be sent out to investigate. In light of the nonsense we hear about with governments these days, this comes as a total surprise.

Town of Amherst government should be highly commended for its speedy response to citizen’s concerns. They are a role model for how government should be today…PROMPT and RESPONSIVE! Thank you, Supervisor Weinstein!

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