The Greatest!

Tonight was a Buffalo Implant Group (B.I.G.) meeting where I met good friend and running mate, Betsy and her friend Kristen who is contemplating an implant. Enough with Taxi, the mushy old ladies and dudes whose only topics of discussion for the evening was Medicare and Tim Hortons vs. Denny’s. I got home and in one of my yahoo groups was a posting about the new Dave Brubeck website.

Upon visiting the site, I found out that “The Greatest Living Legend” is going to be at the University of Buffalo Performing Arts Center!!!!! *BONE SHATTERING SCREAM* I actually woke up Steph out of her dream sleep to see if she wants to go. What the heck does she know about “Bru”…he aren’t C&W but so what, if she doesn’t go…Mike will…..and if he doesn’t go, maybe Elliot’s $4500 hooker will go! I bought the tickets online. Holy crapola!!!! I am going to see the Living Legend!!!! Dave Brubeck!!! Man…life is good!!!!!!

Lemme tell ya…this moment is better than Nanny’s insistence on getting home in time for Lawrence Welk! And much much much better than my sister’s Elvis Presley/Harry Belafonte/Johnny Mathis collection. And a thousand times better than my mother’s Mandel Bread. And a million times better than Grandma Mary’s cooked, “burned on the gas stove” eggplant. Enough said…I am going up to Pearly Gates to kidnap my dad! Dave Brubeck was his favorite group and if there was one moment he would return to us for, this would be it.

Look for Part 4 of the activation video tomorrow night….

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  1. March 17, 2008 at 7:24 pm

    2 things:
    Huge Bru fan, grew up listening to him and Moe Kaufman.
    2) Huge Tim Hortons fan both the man and the coffee!

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