The Turkey Trot Results

This is my line at the Turkey Trot:
PLACE NAME                 AGE   TIME   PACE      AGEGROUP  &  SEX     RESIDENCE      ST
615 Sam Spritzer          52   36:52  7:25   50/495  M50-54  M#  526 Williamsville  NY

Like I said in my previous post, I finished within my goal range.  

What a year it has been.  After competing in over 3o races and improve my time over 5 minutes from the beginning of the year, I have to say I am mighty proud of myself.  The 8 lifetime PRs (personal records) are one of the highlights of the season.  Leaving many dead rabbits in my wake is another achievement.  I won’t mention who they are, though.  And, this is without overcoming two serious injuries – a badly inflamed hip and partial torn knee cartlige.  And I think probably the most important achievement of all, quitting smoking after 30 some years plus dropping over 20 lbs. was even more of a struggle than making it to the finish line, in the beginning.

There are many people who play a factor in this.  The most important one being my lovely wife, Steph.  Steph was the sole reason for all this.  She challenged me and she encouraged me.  In the beginning of the year, I kept reminding her, “I am gonna kick yerass!”  And her response was, “NO WAY!”  On September 16th, one day after my 52nd birthday, she became a dead rabbit.  Now I am sure she will get all “pissy” cuz I am writing this as if I am rubbing it in but in the long run, I feel this will benefit our running even more as we will pace each other and improve our times even further. 

Now that the season is winding down, there are two races left but for me, they will be for sheer fun and to enjoy the friendships I have made along the way.  People including but not limited to Mike K. and Judy, Amy, Linda, Don, Garry and Rosalie, Coach Bob and Becky, Anne, the 27ers-Alan and Gary, Tom and Julie, Sandy, Mike H., Fred, Peter, Clyde, Dave, Sandra, Roger and Mary, Joan, Greg, Herman, and most importantly, Diane and Tony.

Next year will be a whole new season…a fresh start.  But for me, it will be a continuation of my life’s journey and onto greater things.  Godspeed!

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