Two weeks to the Buffalo half

In less than two weeks, I will be running in my first half marathon right here in Buffalo. For those of you who don’t know marathons, a half is equivalent of 13.1 miles.

My longest race was a 15K which translates to almost 9.4 miles. And, I didn’t even run the entire race. That was the Run into Buffalo 15K back in 2007. I think I walked most of the course as my shins and knees were torturing me. Chalk that one up to improper training.

For the half, Steph and I have been following the Checkers AC training program and doing long runs on the weekend. Even though she is doing the relay (6 mile leg) as a member of a females masters team, she is training along with me. We both are up to over 8 miles now mostly through the “hills” and flats of Williamsville and as far east as Clarence.

I am feeling pretty good considering it was 10 months ago when I had the heart attack (see July 2009). I am averaging an 8:40 pace which puts me a little more than the 2 hour mark. My goal is to finish under that. After all, its not the time that I am aiming for but to finish…period!

Meanwhile, a great big shout-out to fellow BEA mentor and CIer, Tina Fifer. She will be going under the knife today to become bi-lateral!

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