Who is accountable?

On September 18th, Steph and I participated in the Erie half marathon in Presque Isle, PA along with two other running couple friends of ours. Since the race was early in the morning, we booked into the Comfort Inn Presque Isle. The race was very well organized and a most enjoyable experience as all of us got PRs and four, automatic qualifications into the 2012 NYC marathon. The hotel stay left a sour taste and a lot to desire.

On the same weekend was the 2011 Hunter Faulkner Fall Face Off Tournament for the Squirt Division. According to the press release,

“The (name of hockey association) is hosting the first weekend of the Hunter Faulkner Fall Face-Off Tournament on September 16, 17 and 18. The tournament will host Squirt level teams, ages 9-10 years old. This exciting and competitive hockey tournament brings in teams from New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Canada. All media are invited to attend.”

None of us could sleep well that evening.  Kids were running amok in the hallways.  WAIT A SECOND….kids???  ages 9-10 years old?  I couldn’t count the number of times we had to get out of bed to tell them to quiet down.  And then add to that the number of times we had to call the front desk.  I am sure we weren’t alone.  For crying out loud, WHERE WERE THE PARENTS????

If I could flash back to when I was 9-10 and on a field trip, I don’t think we would last one minute before getting a good old fashioned whipping!  The next morning, these kids and parents were the talk among all the marathoners up for an early breakfast.  And, also at the pre-race wait.  The rumors ran from “having an orgy, got drunk, playing Truth or Dare, or just plain old don’t give a shit”.  We were told the police were called out to a sister hotel property because of a “disturbance”.  When we returned from the race, the stairway was littered with pizza boxes, smashed apples and crushed fruit loops.

When I got home, I dashed off an email to who I thought could provide me with information about the tournament.  The director did write back acknowledging the tournament.  This was his response…

We did indeed – it was the Squirt weekend of the Erie Youth Hockey Association Hunter Faulkner Fall Faceoff Tournament.  Can you be more specific as to the reason for your question?
Typically the only questions and discussion of lodging arrangements for the participating teams involve myself, the teams, the booking service, and the hotel properties.

I wrote back immediately and explained everything that happened.  I told him

Thanks for getting back to me.  I know its easy to say “no fault of yours” but someone needs to be held accountable.  It is my hope that because our stay was less than satisfactory, it would be nice if they would reimburse us, if the hotel doesn’t.

I never heard from him again.  I am sorry to say that he is just as culpable as the parents that were suppose to watch them kids that weekend.

And as of this writing, I am still waiting for the hotel and chain to respond to my email and comments left on their website.

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  1. Evelyn Gardner
    October 3, 2011 at 9:29 am

    Sorry about your experience at the hotel. Obviously not only were the kids out of control but their parents were even worse by not paying attention and stopping the rude behavior. I have a feeling you won’t hear much from the hotel. Amazing that you were able to get enough rest to be able to do the race the next day.

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