With love from mom

Here is an email I receive from my “80 something” year old mother who could easily pass for 60 something…

If I ever get to write a book about my cochlear implant experience, this will definitely be the foreword or at least, the first chapter.
Hi Sam- I was able to pull up all your blogs, but there was one that I
found about your hearing that I saw once and was unable to find again.
The reason I was looking for it is that I wanted to reread it as I think
some of the background of your hearing problelm that you write about I
think is not accurate.  But first I have to tell you about my
background.  Before you were born, Ellen was about 6, I had virus
pneumonia.  At that time there were few medications, and it was just the
hope that I would recover.  At one point things were so bad, they
decided to try blood transfusions, and that was when the trouble began.
Uncle Ben was one and I dont remembe r the other three.  I was typed as
RH Positive which was wrong as I was actually RH NegativeBy he 4th
transfusion I had a bad reaction, and fortunately the private nurse I
had took a chance and stopped the transfusion herself, without waiting
for a doctor to come, which saved my life.  However, the damag e was
done.  When I became pregnant again, as we wanted another child,
especially me, who was an only child and missed havng a brother or
sister. The doctors recognized that I had had the wrong transfusions in
the past, but hopefully said all would be all right.  They were wrong,
after 9 months, I had a baby girl, and because of my blood problem, she
lived only a few days.  After a while, and I kept writing everywher for
information as to the possibility of our having another child, I became
pregnant.  At that time cousin Moe Greenberg got us in touch with  a
Dr.Weiner, who was the founder of the RH Factor, (he was in Brooklyn)
and we went to him for a consultation.  After some discussion, he
thought we should go through with the pregnancy in the hopes that all
would be well, and he would be in charge.  After 9 months I was ready to
give birth and we went to Brooklyn and stayed with grandma.
Unfortunately Grandpa had passed away the month before, and this was
going to be a baby to be named for him.  Thus, your wonderful name, Sam.
All went very well, and when you were born, you had transfusions, and
since you were such a healthy baby, everyone was very happy.  Even the
great Dr.Weiner, his nurses told us, was almost in tears, he was so
happy.  When and if your hearing problem was connected with this I dont
know.  We tried to find out, but no one would say.  The thought of suing
the hospital came up, but Dr. Meckler, who was our dr at the time, said
the RH factor was so new, they couldnt be sure the tests were accurate.,
and no doctor would testify.  But they all kept saying wait and see he
will turn into a wonderful man, and they were right.  I know it has been
hard, very hard, but look how you have succeeded in so many ways.
Please print this and put it with your family records, I would also like
a copy.  As I write this, I look up at the picture of Michael you sent
me, and I also stuck a picture of your family that I got from Joanna
taken at the wedding – yes, I think you are very successful and will
continue to be for the rest of your life,  Always with love, Mom

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