CIs and running

I’ve been ask to do a guest blog post about wearing CIs while running. Now, I am speaking as an experienced runner rather than the casual weekend jogger. And, I have been asked to model as a runner wearing CIs.

I have done well over 500 miles of competitive running the last 5 years on top of countless number of miles of regular running. Hanging from the pipes in my basement are some half dozen pairs of ASICs GT series running shoes with very worn out soles. I have already gone through three watches and mind me, they aren’t cheap! I also bleed Checkers green as a diehard member of Checkers AC. And I am also one of the webmasters and a board member. If you want to see my running accomplishments, take a look at my own web site. Look for the link at the top – Running.

I started wearing my CIs just so that I could run with others and carry on a conversation. It was a most amazing thing because when you are alone in your thoughts only, it seems like forever till you get to your destination and it can also be lonely. It also helps when running in the street. You’ll be surprised on how ignorant drivers can be but there are just times when you can’t run the customary “face the traffic” route such as down a side street or a one way street. And also, on paths where you have share with bikers and roller bladers.

For someone who spent most of his life running and playing sports in total silence, there is nothing more satisfy than hearing the real sounds of feet beating the pavement, runners grunting, huffing and puffing, the crowd cheering, and Buffalo’s most beloved official timer, John Beishline bellowing the names of those who approach the finish line. It’s almost an adrenaline rush; that extra incentive you need to finish and finish strong!

Now I can only speak for my own device, the Advanced Bionics Harmony. You see, I sweat like Niagara Falls. Just like Matt Covington likes to sweat like a water fountain. It literally pours down from my hair all over my processors and down my face. But those lil’ beasties continue to tick like clockwork. And sometimes, I can feel like they are going to slip off my ear. I suppose I should get one of those huggie rings that slide onto the t-mic and then fit around the ear to keep it firmly on. I know, I know…call me a procrastinator as I haven’t gotten around to buy them.

So, if you are a CIer and a runner like me, please…please enjoy the sounds of nature and running! Do wear your CIs when beating the pavement. It is a most awesome and incredible experience!

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  1. Brenda
    July 6, 2011 at 1:38 am

    Love this post. I’ve often wondered how harsh sweat is on our CIs. I do aerobics, Pilates, speed walking and sometime ocean fishing and wonder how much can these little puppies take. I recently had mine cleaned for mild corrosion, my audiologist recommended storing them in the blue case from time to time to minimize moisture build-up. Since I’ve never had a problem it has not been a big issue.

    I didn’t know about huggie rings but will look into those to secure my CI when doing aerobics and Pilates. I’m glad that I happened upon your site.


  2. Leslie Wyse
    August 2, 2012 at 11:00 am

    I will be having my bilateral cochlear implant surgery in 3 weeks, and I’m currently researching brands. I’m leaning toward AB. I’m also an avid runner and road and mountain biker. I’m curious if you have found the Neptune better for running and biking over the Harmony? Seems like the off the ear style is better suited for these activities.

    For everyday use, do you prefer your Harmony or Neptune?

  3. Sam Spritzer
    August 2, 2012 at 11:05 am

    Hi Leslie…For every day use I prefer my Harmonys, at least for now. The reason being is the microphone for the Neptune is in the headpiece. With this being out in the open, you’ll pick up more environmental sounds. This will change when the Neptune comes out with the t-comm which will mimic the t-mic that is currently on the Harmony.
    Also, since my surgeries were a year apart, my insurance company only approved one Neptune. So, it will look awkward to wear one of each. This will change in February 2013 when I reach the point where I should be able to get approval for a Neptune for the other ear.
    I am also a triathlete and with that, I just love the fact that I can hear during the swimming stage. The off-the-ear style is very flexible and secured.

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