Day 14…

Day 14…a totally and complete rest day especially after the treadmill gave me the worse case of tendinitis in the foot.  It should be fine after a couple of days so today was spend doing absolutely nothing but drink Flying Bison Brewery Beer, refinish some furniture and watch the Super Bowl.

It was a pretty boring game until my friend Evelyn texted me that it was “lights out” for the 49ers and guess what…5 minutes later, the lights went out!  From that point on, the game got a little exciting as the Niners rallied but came up short on the last play.  Some of the best parts of the game were the coaches both of whose names were Harbaugh.  At one point of the game, the Raven’s coach was so animated about the power loss, you could easily read his lips…every other word was an f-bomb.

As for those famous commercials, the Budwesier Clydesdale “Brotherhood” takes the top honors.  The Go Daddy one takes the cesspool honors.  It is so repulsive, if you want to see it google it.  The halftime show featuring Beyonce and her old group, Destiny’s Child looked like something out of Bada Bing on the Sopranos.

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