Day 15, 16, 17…

A condensation of three days into one….

Yesterday I finally saw Steve Gonser at Buffalo Rehab.  This is another perk of the new YMCA being close to home.  They are the best PTs in business and having them right down the block is just awesome.  I have been having these nagging feet and ankle problems for a couple of months now.  The ortho’s diagnosis was my flat feet were catching up to me and with the sagging arches, my tendons are getting stretched.

Steve found that the muscles in my feet were also loosing their elasticity and just flopping around.  To prove this, he had me balance on one foot.  I couldn’t make it past 5 seconds without losing my balance.  So now, along with new running shoes, I have an exercise regimen that is designed to strengthen my feet and ankles.  One of them kinda resembles the crane kick in the movie, Karate Kid.

Meanwhile, I ran for the first time OFF the treadmill, on the new indoor track surface at the Y.  Even though it’s short, 9.4 laps to a mile, I just wanted to feel anything that resembles pavement under my feet and break in the new shoes, ASICs GT-2000.  Four miles felt good!

This weekend is the first race for 2013.  While it is a race, I will not be racing it.  I need to do a 12 mile easy run.  I’ll start with 2 under my belt before hitting the race.  And a kicker…they are predicting a winter storm for tomorrow to Saturday!  LOVELY!  I guess I’ll have to stop at Dick’s and get some YakTrax to toss over my shoes for traction.

Sentiment of the day…“If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”

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