Day 4…

Thursdays are usually with a gang of runners known as the Thursday AM gang.  We go out from Ed Youngs Plaza in Williamsville starting at 5:15 and cover anywhere from 6 to 8 miles.  The air is fresh and clean.  The roads are relatively traffic free.  The women…I mean the bird are chatty.  But all in all, its great camaraderie with folks who share a common goal…a passion for running.

Today, the temperatures are still way too cold for outside running even though I do know a few brave souls who would say otherwise.   The gang headed over to the indoor track at UB.  I headed to the Y for four easy miles on the dreadmill bookmarked by a half mile warmup and cooldown.  Just another quiet morning in the life of Sam Spritzer.

Sentiment of the day…“Its only cold if you’re standing still.”


And a post-script from Jim Figler who posted this on my Facebook timeline…

Jim Figler Oh my! how many more days of this? I’ll be pacing so I’ll bonk you on the head with my pacing sign to keep you moving!

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