Day 9…

Day 9…is called “track” day since it consists of a structured workout.  In this case, 60 minutes of easy running including 5 – 3 minute tempo runs with 1 minute jog in between.  Easy is at 9:13 while tempo is around 8:12.  This is designed to elevate the heart rate and put the fast twitching muscles to work.  It keeps the body from getting complacent on those long runs.  Interesting enough after each tempo, I felt strong and more prepared for the next one.

Tonight, I’ll be trying something different.  Its a Bike Power to Weight Ratio Challenge put on by Coach Jon Metz of TriVault Multisport Coaching and Training.  Coach Metz is also a USAT Certified Coach and USAT Youth & Junior Certified Coach.  He is one of the coaches for the triathlon club I belong to, Ionraic Triathlon Club.  I am told that the higher my power to weight ratio is an indication of how strong a cyclist I am.  I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow.

Sentiment of the day…“Do not believe doubt.”

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