Happy New Year!

Reflecting back on the past year, I wonder what resolutions I made last year and whether I kept them or not! I think this is an annual cycle that repeats itself only because I don’t write down what I resolve. Ok, here goes…


  • Lose 10 more pounds, plus the 5 gained over the holidays
  • Eat less (and less and less and less)
  • Teach my brain how to hear
  • Ride my bike to work more often


  • Break the 22 and 21 minute mark for 5K
  • Compete in a half-marathon
  • Add 5 more dead rabbits to the list (and I won’t tell you who they are)
  • Collect 7 more lifetime PR certificates


  • Write down all of my resolutions for the year so that this time next year, I can look back and see if I kept them!
  • Be nicer to my family
  • Paint the kitchen before the end of the year
  • Paint the family room before the end of the year

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