Holy shit….I can hear underwater!

Those were my very first words after jumping into the pool at the University of Buffalo where I am training for the swim part of a triathlon.

It’s amazing how fast five years have gone by since my first CI, the right side.  The day started off atypical…excitement and anticipation.  Time couldn’t move fast enough for my 2:00 appointment at Buffalo Hearing and Speech.  I got there, checked in and paid my co-pay when Michelle comes out and asks if I bought my kit.

My kit???????  WHOA…are you saying you didn’t get it!?  Tracey emailed me weeks ago and said its here!  The scare was momentary as it was sitting on her desk.  I was the fourth to get the Neptune at BH&S.

But first, we had to make mapping adjustments to fine tune Clearvoice.  We decided to raise my IDR from 65 to 70 and 75 and, raise my T levels.  This was what was suggested based on various observations about Clearvoice mainly because the High version was somewhat muffled.  And we decided to experiment with the Medium setting too.  With these adjustments, I am getting more sound particularly in the high frequencies.  They sound crisper and fuller than before.

We did the left side first and that went uneventful.  But the right side proved to be somewhat cumbersome.  For some reason, the computer could not make a connection with the processor.  So we went to backup and sure enough we were able to connect and adjust.

Now came the moment of truth….Michelle opened the box and I will have to tell you, what a treasure.  I felt like a kid opening Christmas presents.  The contents of 1 Neptune Patient kit included:

  • Universal Headpiece
  • Neptune Clip
  • Neptune Carrying Case
  • Zephyr Dry and Store Kit
  • Mini charger for AAA batteries (can also be used for AA batteries)
  • Travel Case
  • 8 AAA batteries
  • 4 rechargeable AAA batteries
  • 3 Dry and Store bricks
  • Aqua Mic
  • Neptune Connect Wallet for the spare batteries
  • Neptune Kit Box
  • Neptune Reference Manuals
  • Sharp Objects Warning (LOL…gotta wonder if the FDA had to approve this)
  • AA Battery warning insert (well, the charger did come with AA batteries but those are a little too big.  Guess I can use these for the million remotes that are all over the house or something)
  • Neptune Patient Kit label (seriously????)
  • Neptune Speech Processor, Bright Chrome
  • Harmony Listen Check Earbuds (HHHmmmmmm……guess I gotta read the manual….)
  • Neptune Connect, Black
  • 3 Onyx Neptune Covers
  • 3 Onyx Universal Headpiece Color Caps
  • 2 Neptune Universal Headpiece Cables – Black, 24″
  • 2 Onyx AquaMic Color Caps
  • 2 AquaMic Cables – Black, 24″
  • Neptune Pouch
  • Neptune Armband
  • Neptune Swim Cap, Blue

The box this all came in measured 18 1/2″ by 10 1/2″ by 6 3/4″.  You’ll almost think I’ll need a hand truck just to haul all of this.

After the initial assembly, we started the drumroll.  Well, the drumroll went on longer than it should.  For some reason, the computer recognized the device but it didn’t register.  After much tinkering and fiddling without success, disappointment started setting in.

Michelle and I tried everything, pushing buttons, reboot the computer software, changing parts, battery, etc.  What we didn’t realize is that the programming is slightly different from the Harmony.  With the Harmony, the battery slot is used for programming with attachment providing the power.  With Neptune, its just an adapter that connects to the computer.  It never occurred to us that the adapter doesn’t provide power.  One squeeze of the power button and VOILA!  What a huge sigh of relief!

Since I was only approved for one Neptune and my center no longer provides backup as was in the case of my Harmonys, I wanted to have the luxury of wearing it in both ears.  So, we decided to load it with 2 programs for the left and 1 for the right.

After clipping to my shirt collar, I was sent on my way!  Like an anxious puppy, I was on my way to try it out!  Stay tuned for my next installment….


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