Spritzer Bedroom Renovations – the painting

Most people dread painting because they don’t have the patience to pay attention to those minute details that become more noticeable later.  Things like filling holes, uneven patches, paint overlaps, shadows have an everlasting effect.  Since I was sidelined with a broken foot, I had the luxury of taking my time (most of it to Steph’s dismal!)  The entire room took roughly 30 hours for the painting part from preparation to finish.


The job starts with doing the parts that require being careful.

A closet is always a great place to experiment. Those two light spots in there are fine tune patchings. And the tan spots on the left side of the closet trim are wood patchings. I am such a perfectionist!

Even though the floor will be sanded, I don't want to make it any more work than it needs to be. If there are spots you don't want painted, tape 'em!

We have plaster walls that have been painted many times over the last 60 plus years. This creates a natural texture. When you patch, you'll get a mismatch. So what do we do?

We dab paint with a brush and we go at least double the size of the patch. This may take a couple of times.

And here are the results after rolling the walls. Dab painting is more effective before rolling the walls, not after.

And now the trim gets done. Three coats there just to make sure all of the brush strokes are filled in.

Don't forget those heating vents!

Finally, the walls and trim are all done. The walls are green tea and the trim is hunter green.

Since the walls are made out of plaster, they will never be even and smooth as drywall.

And now with the painting cleanup all done and the electrical outlets replaced, we are ready to move onto the fun part which is the floor refinishing.

Check back again soon for more on the adventures of the Spritzer Bedroom Renovations…..

1 comment for “Spritzer Bedroom Renovations – the painting

  1. Evelyn Gardner
    April 22, 2012 at 8:10 am

    You are a perfectionist and the results are excellent. Even the table with your work tools is neat! Great job and it was a lot of work. Just emptying the room and the closet is a huge process! You made good use of your time having a broken foot. Now you know what you could do when you retire…..paint and refinish floors! Good job!

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