T -4…The time is almost hear!

The moment of truth is about to arrive…at the end of this week. The “good lucks” and “are you going to be here” Wednesday (or Thursday) or whatever day of the week I am suppose to be somewhere are increasing.

Yesterday, I received a good luck from Drew’s Dad. This is a very interesting blog about a family’s son, Drew, who was born with profound hearing loss in both ears, which means he is deaf. This blog is a record of the family’s journey to “turn on” his hearing. Very interesting!

Anyway, the Checkers Athletic Club Christmas party at President and First Lady Roll’s house was a wonderful event, meeting with other Checkers members, sharing stories of the past year, and exchanging ideas for the coming year. And one member got “creamed”. There are pictures are on the website for those who are curious. A grand time was had by all and it is unfortunate that the Rolls don’t run a partying service business because they surely put on the best!

This is where my hearing loss is sometimes a benefit. Since there were so many people and so many conversations going on, I sometimes wonder how people can focus on a specific conversation. It isn’t that hard for me to at least try to follow the conversation but lip-reading does have its advantages. The challenge with the implant will be to get the brain to focus on certain sounds (aka conversation). I am sure there will be a program specifically for that purpose but in any case, I am really curious about that. I guess I’ll have to wait and find out later this year.

And that reminds me….I need to write to my mother…..have a good day!

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