The hills of Chestnut Ridge

This was the very last run of 2011 on what traditionally is called the New Year’s Eve run. But this was also the first time I ever tackled the hills of Chestnut Ridge Park.

These hills are not really in the park although there a quite a few which can make for a good hard workout. The hills I am referring to are outside the park and are part of a 9 mile loop (see map below). Now mind me, I have done quite a few races which had hills. The most notable one is the Bunny Hop which is in April.

The Chestnut Ridge hills are not for the beginner nor the faint-heart. There has been talk about conquering the mother hill. For the life of me, all of the hills were mothers…actually, mother$R@##$@#!@! The net elevation gain is 693 feet but when they say hill’s are a runners best friend, this one might as well be your spouse or significant other.

Like an alcoholic craving his booze, a drug addict his crack, these hills are gonna be my addiction! I plan to work them into my marathon and triathlon training plans at least every two weeks.

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