Two Month Anniversary

Today is a milestone of sorts. I had a checkup at my cardiologist and I was given the green light to resume my running, as I remembered it. The doctor was amazed at my progress but he knew that I was exercising and wasn’t surprised that I was doing 8 miles a day. I think he is taking pity on all of those poor souls who thought they had me beat but will be in for some surprises. The first real race back will be the Run for Hope in Tonawanda. I am not sure if I promised him anything but I am going to give Checkers AC President Tom Donnelly a chance to make me his dead rabbit. I am almost sure he is going to try to bribe me with a large order of wings and pizza right before the race. I think Steph will be very upset but then again, she could be co-conspiring with him and wanting to make me her dead rabbit. In the midst of all this, I had time to think and reflect. I picked up a little pamphlet, “Can I Change?” by Allen Webster. To excerpt the opening paragraph…

    Most of us cringe at ourselves sometimes. We say or do something that later seems so out of place, embarrassing or regrettable. It maybe anger that makes us act “mad”. Perhaps we show off a bit when we get the chance. Maybe we have the tendency to move ourselves ahead of the other guy when he’s not looking (or when he can’t do anything about it). Perhaps we feel timid and backward and tongue-tied and self-conscious. Or maybe we just can’t seem to stay focused on anything serious for more than two seconds. We complain to ourselves, “Why do I act like that? I wish I wouldn’t do that!”


I really like to think that this is an accurate reflect of me. I am someone who could easily be diagnosed with either ADD or ADHD. If that is the case, then pump me up with drugs like Ritalin, Adderall, Strattera, etc. and lets move on. The reality is if we want to change, with the right help and if we want it badly enough we’ll find it in a much safer manner…through the spirit. There are various parts of the New Testament which make reference to how we can change. Many of them seem to make sense. But because this is all new to me, just like life after my heart attack, I want to find out what that means as much as I want to know what kind of life I will have with the repaired heart. Oh I do want to interrupt this blog post but I just got this package in the mail and it was an early birthday present from a very good and special friend, fellow CI mentor, Evelyn from San Jose (sorry guys, she is taken and spoken for by Normie!). Evelyn is one of Advanced Bionics’ top and most popular mentors. I had the opportunity to meet her not once but twice. She runs the finest Bed and Breakfast place in San Jose, California. Even her basement is a paradise comparing to most 5 star hotels. And she has the most adorable grandchildren you could ever see. Thank you, Evelyn!

Most importantly, I am so very thankful to be standing today with a healthy heart and a new outlook in life. I count my blessings every day, I say my prayers and I live for tomorrow. With the support of my beautiful wife Steph and two of the best sons Mike and Dan, wonderful friends, family and angels I am looking forward to a long prosperous life….and many, many more dead rabbits.

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  1. Diane
    August 31, 2009 at 6:14 pm

    Let me print some new certificates for you!
    But let it happen slow, hust nice and easy!
    See you at the race.

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