Walking to work

On most days, I walk to work.  It’s only a mile and on a morning like today, the air is crispy, refreshing and invigorating.  The sun is rising over the east lending a sense of warmth and tranquil to the peacefulness of nature.  Walking to work gives me a chance to think and reflect.

I wish I could dictate my thoughts and have them come out magically here.  If that was the case, I’ll be amazed at the mumble jumble that occupies my brain.  In fact it gets so overwhelming, I walked right past the mailboxes and forgot to mail in my check for the Ionraic Triathlon Club season ending banquet, next week.  So, instead if further mumble jumbling my brain by having to remember all day to mail this all important check I went back out into the crispy, refreshing invigorating air to the post office.

And while at the post office, I decided to buy stamps having remembered I only have one left hanging on my bulletin board.  I decided I was going to get 2 sheets of 10 stamps each with the American flag.  I paid for this and while the machine gave me my receipt, it didn’t give me the stamps where I expected to find them.

Unlike the receipt dispenser or even my bank’s ATM machine, there were no flashing lights to tell me where I can find my stands.  I am staring at the slot that says “Stamps”…5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds…and I am contemplating what a pissed off day this can be if I have to go back to tell off some postal clerk that for all the money troubles they have, they should have the decency to stop further heaping the crap on us poor taxpayers.

Meanwhile, the line behind me is 2 people deep.  I also want to make it a point that I am not wearing my CIs.  I like to enjoy the crispy, refreshing and invigorating air totally stone deaf as a doorknob.  Noise is not necessary nor is it something that I want to endure on such a quiet morning.

Finally, one person the line had the audacity to tap me on the shoulder and direct my attention to a slot on the left that read “Postage”.  LO AND BEHOLD!  There are my 2 sheets of stamps!  What was thought to become a pissed off day became a nice day once again.  I thanked the gentlemen and went on my way back to the office.

And while walking to back to the office enjoying the air…crispy, refreshing and invigorating., I am counting my blessings, chuckling at the line at the Starbucks drive-thru think about the article that I had written previously, America’s obesity problem.

So as you see, this is an example of the mumble jumble that occupies my brain on any given day.  Give it a try, you’ll be amazed!  Have a wonderful day. 🙂

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