Second chance

I can’t tell you how many second chances I have had over my lifetime but believe me, almost every single one of them has been worth it.  For that reason, I believe President Obama deserves a second chance and that is who I am going to vote for next month.

I have had a enough of the political mudslinging and distorted truths.  The posting of statistics on Facebook has been relentless.   Half of it is either bullshit or countered by some other meaningless statistic.  Just this morning, I read in the AARP magazine that Republican Romney claims to have worked with the Democratic legislature in Massachusetts.  And then the articles says while he has cast over 800 vetoes,  more than 700 have been overturned.  That leads to my first reason for picking Obama…Congress.

Obama has the misfortune of working with the most dysfunctional, gridlocked, “we don’t give a shit”, Congress in history.  This Congress, or whatever you want to call the body, has the lowest approval rating ever and has passed the least number of bills ever.  This Congress is the reason we are in the hole we’re in today from a sluggish economic recovery, to a high unemployment rate, to a trillion plus dollar deficit, to the prospects of falling off a fiscal cliff this January.  So no matter who is elected, they will have to deal with this group of misfits.

Obama also has the misfortune of inheriting 2 wars paid for on a credit card.  Remember Clinton ended his term with a budget surplus only to have it totally squandered by some guy named Dubya.  Now I don’t know about you or anyone who thinks the deficit is Obama’s fault but I don’t think I ever recalled anyone being able to pay down a credit card balance as fast as we’ll like.  It’s not like we can turn it off like a light switch and if we did, our money would be as worthless as Boner’s tanning salon membership.

Now Romney…is another story.  And to have Ryan as a sidekick is even scarier!  I think in like within one week of naming him as his running mate, poor Mitt had to tell Paul to shut the hell up or else they won’t have a chance and we haven’t heard from Paul ever since.

And Romney with his smirkish smile comes off as look as arrogant as the used car salesman who got booked for stealing taxpayers money by keeping sales tax receipts.  And in the meantime, he is tooting his horn about how Obamacare is bad for us while he signed off on a similar plan in Massachusetts.  To add insult, he pisses off 47% of the people who he thinks they believe they are entitled to government handouts and pay no taxes.  And then he ruffles Big Birds feathers by telling 16 million people that he’ll yank funding for PBS.  Seriously, I have a problem with some guy whose words are as repugnant as flatulence gas.

In the meanwhile, Mitt has yet to offer an plausible solution to all of our problems yet alone, has no clue as to how he’ll handle the most dysfunctional Congress in history.  Even if he gets elected, what is now Obama vs. the Republican House will become Romney vs. the Democrat House.  The last time I remembered, our Executive branch has a system of checks and balances that requires BOTH chambers of Congress to pass legislature before it goes to the President for signature.

So folks, this is my take on the second change that Obama deserves.  On a lighter note, I’ll be returning to my 5k running roots after a season of triathlons.  You can find me at Gateway-Longview in Williamsville doing the Pumpkin Run, this Saturday.  Not only is this race for a great cause but it promises fun for everyone, runner or non-runner!  BE THERE!


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  1. Jason
    October 14, 2012 at 12:12 am

    Cash for clunkers. Bank bailouts. Obamacare. An additional $1,000,000,000,000+ in debt. Yep, we should give him the reigns for 4 more years. Yikes!!

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