Bad karma?

On Sunday, I mentioned that the right side processor died. Now the backup has gone poopy. WTF???? Fortunately, the replacement for the primary is in so I’ll pick that up either tomorrow or Friday.

Bike riding to work has gone great. Thus far, in 2 weeks I’ve logged 4 round trips-a total of 78.48 miles. At roughly 18 miles per gal, $4.25 a gallon…I have saved $18.53. And that does not include knocking off 3-4 pounds. I suspect my running will be faster so we’ll see Friday night when I enter the Fit for Fire, downtown Buffalo.

Oh and one other thing…I have met lots of good folks like me who are trying to save a few bucks. Not including some 51 year old dude in a ponytail riding a 1950s Airdyne in pajama shorts and goes by the nickname lkizz. And a former colleague who rides even further (14 miles each way).

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  1. June 26, 2008 at 9:43 am

    Wow love the money savings, and if it makes you faster and healthier you have a bonus going on.
    Good for you Sam

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