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It’s been a while since I have done a post so I thought maybe I’ll use today’s entry to catch up on things.

Its been a little more than three months since my heart attack. Thank God for my family, my angels, my friends I am fully recovered. I’ve made changes to my diet cutting out or back the fried fatty foods, butter (try Smart Balance. It’s just as good!), pizza, meats (don’t give me that shocking look!) and I have explicitly prohibited wine in the house. I am feeling great although I am still hard pressed to shed those last 10-12 pounds especially with the running season coming to an end.

On the job front, after a setback where an opportunity I thought I had fell through, I am still stomping the pavement. Many of you know me as the all consummate IT and Accounting professional. Even though my recent experience has been IT with focus in report development and business intelligence, I have decided to reach back into my past to when I was an Accountant in the not-for-profit field. One thing I would love to do is leverage the combination of both skills into a Programmer who knows accounting and, an Accountant who knows programming. And two areas that I am extremely proficient in are developing financial and non-financial reports, business analysis and business process improvements. If you or you know of someone who can use my skills, please let me know.

I have pretty much cut back on my running schedule. Unlike last year where I did 40 races and the year before – 34, I’ll probably finish just a little over 20. I am finding that if I am ever going to get that elusive sub-21 time, I’ll have to be lighter and give myself more rest before a race. This Saturday, I will be doing the Breaking the Sound Barrier for the benefit of the St. Mary’s School for the Deaf. And for the rest of the year, the Bob Ivory Run, Lindsay’s Legacy 5k and the world famous YMCA Turkey Trot. As I mentioned to Anne, I am projecting 13,279 runners at this year’s Turkey Trot.

My cochlear implants continue to be a source of joy. I am still picking up wow moments here and there. The other day, I was able to hear the Canadian geese flying overhead…at least I got the warning to look out for the green poop! I was also at a meeting where a mom was holding a crying baby and patting him on the back to quiet him down. It sounded like she was pounding him on the back! I have also been increasing my activity as a mentor on the Bionic Ear Association (BEA). And lately, I have been starting on books on CDs in an attempt to break the age old myth of “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Basically, its time to reduce and hopefully do away with the total reliance on lip-reading. This of course would be the first step to trying to use the telephone, unassisted.

So that is it for now…any questions?

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