Day 13…

Day 13 and the end of week #2.  Since we were in the midst of a lake effect snow band (see Welcome to Sam Spritzer’s Picture Site), the long run of 12 miles had to be done on the dreadmill.  Let me tell you…it SUCKS!  For 2 hours, I am running on a moving belt to nowhere while watching the Super Bowl this and that on ESPN.  So today, my feet are screaming at me telling me I don’t dare try a long run on the dreadmill ever again!  Thankfully, the Y has a spa with whirlpool jets to help some of the discomfort.  The only positive in all this is it prepares me mentally for the long “under 4 hours” I plan to endure at Buffalo Marathon.

So today is totally a rest day.  The only exercise I plan on is pushing a snowblower and applying primer on some furniture I am refinishing.  I’ll have pictures of that when I am done….sometime this year.  The Super Bowl is on tonight.  I’ll be looking forward to over-hyped commercials and hopefully a bad lip-synch job here and there.  I guarantee you one thing…a coach named Harbaugh is going to win the game.  Anyone want to bet me on that?  Otherwise, look for the Harbaugh named Jim to prevail…49ers 35, Ravens 21.

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