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If you notice on the right sidebar, there is a section called Other Web Site pages. No further explanation is needed but be sure to check them out!

This would be the Western New York Race Calendar. This is a compilation of the calendars at and Checkers Athletic Club. With the administrators’ permission, I have created a Google Calendar that will allow you to see the 2007 season a month at a time. For me, this is an enormous time saver over penciling in the races on that grab-bag calendar I always get for Christmas from the kids.

I do want to caution you that the information is only as good as I can get it. There is always that possibility of incorrect information, a missing race or a last minute cancellation. In any case, it pays to follow up with your fellow runners or the race directors. Some of the races will have contact information in them so please be sure to keep this in mind.

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