Running goals for 2007

Now that the 2006 season is over, I am taking a break from running and the gym.  My poor ole knees have been begging for it so it is well deserving in light of this holiday season.  In the meanwhile, I have had a chance to reflect upon the past season and what I can do and expect for 2007. 
Goal #1 – complete a distance greater than 8k.  The Lockport Y10 looks enticing as does the Buffalo half-marathon.  Ultimately, I would love to compete in one of the world class marathons such as  NYC or Boston.
Goal #2 – continue my streak of lifetime PRs.  Consider this…my age group (50-54) is the most competitive for male runners and those that place are usually sub-20ers.  My only purpose in life, and running, is to improve on what I currently do.  So , starting at 22:11 for a 5k race this goal means going below 22 minutes and less in order to qualify for most lifetime PRs in a season at the Checkers AC season ending awards dinner.  How many dead rabbits does that equate to?  Who knows…
Goal #3 – break the 22 minute mark.  Obviously, this becomes even more difficult to attain since the human body can only endure so much.  If I can consistently do sub-22s and possible sub-21s, I would be proud to consider myself an elite runner.
Goal #4 – help Steph achieve some lifetime PRs.  Obviously, this means I’ll be competing against myself but aw shucks, she’s my wife.  I’ll cut her a break.  After all, its only an added incentive to do better myself! 

For all of those of you who will be holding me to these modest goals, I only wish you a happy holidays and a prosperous and healthy 2007!

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