T -10…Pre-op testing

This morning, I had my pre-op testing at the Ambulatory Surgery Center at Windsong. Basically, it was the kind of check your weight, height, blood pressure, purse, heart beat, lungs, fill out forms, verify filled out forms, sign forms, and all of the nonsense one endures at the doctors office. I am surprised it wasn’t something that could have doubled up as an annual physical since all they had to do was draw blood and do an EKG. Maybe this would make another topic like “How to Reform Health Care”.

Anyway, I am all set for the 12th. The surgery is scheduled for 11:30 and I am to report at 10:00. If anything changes, I’ll be notified by the 10th. Nothing after midnight (UGH!) and dress comfortably. The nurse couldn’t tell what part or how much of my hair will be shaved off but I surely hate the thought of walking around with a half-Mohawk and, I won’t be able to wash my hair for a week. Maybe I should have Alan, my hair stylist at Serge, give me some dreadlocks.

And more and more people are asking me all sorts of questions about the implant and what it will be like. The challenge, of course, will be how well I assimilate the implant and the mapping of it. At least, I am blessed with alot of good people at work who will help me with distinguishing sound and of course, my wonderful family at home.

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