T -9…Back to the gym

Today was the first day back to the gym since about three weeks ago. Obviously, everyone was wondering where I went. I just simply woke up one morning in December and decided right then and there to shut it down for the rest of the year. Not only did I gain 7 pounds from all of the holiday indulges but I was badly out of breath. I am not sure if it was because Michelle, the spinning instructor, has such drive and determination she would put Rocky Balboa to shame or, if it was the fact that Paul is in much better shape than me and for him, spinning is more of a casual Sunday stroll through the park. In any case, someone will need to remind me not to shut it down COMPLETELY, next December.

Also, another conversation with the wife about whether I should go bald or not. She said no! So for now, I am stuck with a “halfaMohawk”. Other than that, its a matter of getting time to move faster as I am really anxious to get started!

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