T -8…Yea, I am nosy

Interesting observation today…

Where I work, it is pretty much an open area. The cubicles are 4 feet high and there are no offices so conversations can be easily and clearly heard. Its really a matter of concentrating on which conversation do you want to listen to. For me, its different. In order for me to understand, I actually have to be there as if I am being addressed directly just so that I can read the speaker’s lips. I am the only one in the whole office who has to do it that way. Everyone else can pretty much “eavesdrop” on any other conversation without anyone else knowing it.

Somehow, I managed to listen in on a conversation from a distance and there were subtle references to tasks that may affect me. So what did I do? I “eavesdropped” by placing myself smack in the middle of the conversation. Now all of a sudden, I am getting the “looks” as if I am being nosy.

Ahhhhh, just another reason to get the implant…

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