Week 2, Day 1 – Tinnitus is a PITA!

Today was a rather routine day. One thing I was able to do was finally locate the source of a tapping sound. Originally, I thought it was something in the heater duct but it turned out to be dripping water in the utility closet which is next to my cubicle. My co-workers were amazed since most of them can’t hear it but trust me, its there.

And last night after I posted Weekend 1 – Mish-mash, potpourri and other things of interest, I was watching the news and noticed a beating, rhythmical sound among the conversations. It just didn’t make sense so I turned the volume off on the tv…beating is still there, maybe its me. Took the headpiece off…beating stopped! Ah ha! It was Dan’s crappy music playing on the crappy speakers, in the next room behind me!

Also, I had another meeting today. This time in a small conference room. I went in with both the CI and my hearing aid. The conversation was easy to follow so long as I had a view of the speaker’s front. I also noticed that the CI seems to favor male voices (low pitch) while the hearing aid seems to favor female (high pitch) voices. I am sure this can be adjusted for at my next mapping session which is a week from Thursday.

Tinnitus still remains a problem although it is more tolerable in recent days. It varies and sounds like a train nearby, water falls, an airplane drone or a long echo. Tinnitus has always been a problem for me particularly when I wore the hearing aid in the right ear. Sometimes it is loud enough to overpower the conversation. But when I wear the hearing aid along with the CI, the combination does a great job masking it. Not that I do or don’t want to wear the hearing aid but I want to get used to the CI as much as possible especially in the beginning. And, this would be another compelling reason to go bilateral.

Tomorrow, I got a dentist appointment at 7:30 in the morning. Yes…I’ve been brushing my teeth every day and flossing oh well….um, every other day.

2 comments for “Week 2, Day 1 – Tinnitus is a PITA!

  1. February 12, 2007 at 7:01 pm

    Don’t be too discouraged about the tinnitus. It will go away with time. I had it bad in the beginning but it got quieter as I got used to my CI. I just had my second CI surgery and the tinnitus is GONE. So, I’m wondering if it was coming from my hearing aid side all this time. Good luck on your hearing journey!

  2. Karen
    February 13, 2007 at 6:41 pm

    I’m looking forward to your next entry because I’m hoping to find out if you wore your CI processor while in the dentist’s chair.

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